Queen Alexandra Mansions

Welcome to the Queen Alexandra Web site.  This web site has been created and is maintained by residents of this lovely block.

The beautiful wather colour of QAM was painted by Eric Brown.  His widow Sally Brown has provided the following information about him.

Eric Brown (1930-1996) was born in Manchester and attended Manchester Art College before going to the Royal Academy Schools in London, where he was the gold medallist of his year. He taught in many art colleges including Goldsmith and exhibited in numerous places including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions. He was a resident of Queen Alexandra Mansions from 1978-1994

The block is, of course, named after Queen Alexandra.  Here she is on a silver medal issued to commemorate the coronation of her husband King Edward VII in 1902

Queen Alexandra was Danish by birth and had a reputation of being feminine, flighty and, much to the future king’s displeasure, late for every occasion. They married in 1863 and had two sons. The eldest, and heir, died of influenza leaving the younger to succeed his father as George V in 1910.

This situation resulted in the coining of the rather ungracious phrase “they made an heir with one to spare”. Unfortunately for Alexandra, the future king was an inveterate philanderer being responsible for other children outside of the marriage, and among his many mistresses was the immortal Lilly Langtry